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Dear colleagues

During the UN Decade Workshop for the Mediterranean Sea, held in Venice last January 21-23, 2020, we launched the idea of a “UN Ocean Decade Programme” entitled:

Predicting the Global Coastal Ocean

We are almost at the end of the UN Decade preparatory phase (2018-2020) where ideas should be gathered to form frameworks or Programmes that could guide our actions in the next decade.

As you may know, the “Predicted Ocean” is one of the keywords/themes of the Ocean Decade (please see ). We believe that there are many gaps in our understanding of the “Global Coastal Ocean”, and thus we would like to propose a programme that will fill these gaps over the next decade (2021-2030) in order to contribute solutions to the Sustainable Development Goals.

The document presented on this website identifies the Global Coastal Ocean as the key area where major gaps exist, and we would like you to help us to better define the framework and the projects that could fall under this umbrella.

We would also like you to submit your ideas for this Programme through the “Comments” section of this website and, if you agree, sign the relevant form. We intend to submit this draft for the attention of the UN Ocean Decade meeting in 2020).

Best regards

“The Starting Group”
Nadia Pinardi
Rosalia Santoleri
Joaquin Tintoré
Villy Kourafalou
Pierre De Mey-Frémaux